How to use Cleanup Troops?

In case you cannot finish off all buildings on the ground in Clan Wars (although you remove your whole defensive buildings), this is when you have to have troops! Cleanup Troops are necessary all the time but they are useful when they are needed in attack. The Reasons of Using Cleanup troops When you raid, time is very significant in order to make 3 star attacks. On the one hand you need to deal with the hard base; on the […]

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What would you choose Attack or Protect?

Do you want to upgrade your territory in the game Clash of Clans? Do you want your village to be thriving? You can do it either by collecting resources or by battling against other Clash of Clans players. There is no action in collecting stuff as a farmer but there is lots of fun in being a fighter… Defense: Protecting Your Territory If you side with peace and don’t want to attack others, defense is your way. In order to […]

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Clash Royale Arena 8-9

Ice Spirit and Hog Rider can work well together. Ice Spirit is one of the cheapest cards in Clash Royale along with Skeletons. It only costs 1 Elixir so you can use it to freeze multiple targets. With this advantage in your hand, your Hog Rider can reach out to your opponent’s Tower easily and may be you can have a few more shots. Another good option for this deck is the Poison Spell. With Poison Spell, you can make […]

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Best Clash Royale Tactics on Tournament

Clash Royale Tournaments enables you to get gold coins and cards in a new way. You can compete against other players in tournament in many challenging arenas. Almost 15,000 cards are waiting for you to collect. Create Your Own Tournament or Join in Others’ When you get to 8th level, you can unlock Tournament section. You’ll see it among your main page options. Creating a tournament requires spending your gems but participating in tournaments of other players is free. You’ll […]

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How to download Pokémon Go on Android and IOS

The lunch of Pokémon Go in the United Kingdom has attracted a lot of attention and in-app purchases are available £0.79 to £79.99 It’s been a long time since Pokémon fans waited and now it is lunched in the UK. It’s on iOS and Android. Starting from Australia and New Zealand, Pokémon Go has become world-wide. On July 13th, Pokémon Go appeared in Germany and one day later it appeared in UK. You can download it in more than 30 […]

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Slither Mod Chrome Extension

Slither.IO has become of the most popular games of recent game world. Here you can find Chrome Extension tips. Anyone who wants to be successful in this game are looking for cheating hints nowadays. Please follow these tips to become the top snake on your map. Mod Chrome Extension Details: Use your mouse to zoom in and zoom outio mod Track your FPS with the FPS counter Track the IP of your friends’ server with your current server’s IP […]

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Easy to Follow Pokemon Go Guide

The most important question in every trainer’s mind since the launch of the game Pokemon Go is how to catch Pokemon fast and effectively. However, it’s not explained in detail in the game. So this guide will show you the fast and effective ways to achieve this. It’s been almost a month since the game came out! So you may need some advanced tips about the game. In order to get information about how to catch Pokemon, how to level […]

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Important Slither Tips

This text is about further tips and tricks about As we know the object of the game is to become bigger and longer by eating up the opponents and colored dots. The people playing this game range from small children to the adults. So it is an enjoyable game for every age. If you want to grow the biggest snake in the game, follow these steps: As this is a multiplayer online game, first you need to find a […]

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Invisible Ninja Skin for Slither

Slither has become one of the most popular games recently. The progress of the game makes the players enjoy the game as if it was the first of the game. Here you can find explanations for Invisible Ninja Skin mod of the game. Don’t believe what people speculate about Ninja skin. They it is invisible but this is not true. The skins in the game are made to make game more fun once you customize your snake; however, the skin […]

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Here is a userscript for for you to play with friends The installation is very easy if you follow these steps: Step 1: Install userscript, for Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey (depending on your browser). Step 2: Block the original javascript, to prevent having the game run twice, one instance of the original Slither, and one instance of my modified one. You can do this using AdBlock plus. See “Blocking the JS” for help. That’s all you have to do! […]

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