You Can be the Best Snake!

Follow these tips and be the best in playing with snakes in The game resembles last year’s favorite; however, is much more fun! You’ll enjoy it as long as you get better.
There are two ways to play the game 1) mobile devices a.k.a. mobile phones and tabs, and 2) PC. The game’s spirit is simple. You’re a SNAKE beating and eating other snakes!
You can easily get bigger; this requires no skills at all. However, what requires skills is to get to the top ten. Here are some steps you can follow to get there.

1. Where to spawn – The point you spawn your snakes is important since you can have chance to grow or to be eaten. Spawning near newly-killed big snakes enables you grow faster since there won’t be any action going on there.
2. How to play cool against aggressive snakes – In case you’re among aggressive snakes, you have to be calm and cool. Without hesitation get out of this place. If the players around you are too aggressive to deal with, it means you need to ignore them and go somewhere safer than this area.
3. How to benefit from a large dead snake – It is good to stay near a dead snake in order to clean up after their death; however, you may not know where you can find these snakes so hang out with other snakes which are not aggressive to attack you. When you follow a big snake, be careful and don’t let them see you. Just be away from their heads.
After doing these steps, you have some more tips to follow in order to place yourself on the top of the charts.

Trust issues with other snakes

You can never ever trust other snakes. This is not a team game so trusting other snakes will result in your inevitable death.
In order to get a snack, you have to be near other snakes. Never drop your guard. As you know the small snakes can take down larger snakes. The biggest mistake is “underestimating the power of a small snake!”. It has nothing to lose so it’ll attack sooner than the larger ones. The larger snakes will be afraid of losing their size but the small ones won’t hesitate. Never forget that sometimes larger snakes can also be aggressive as tiny ones.

If you like risks, you can slither parallel to another snake, head to head! Why do I call this a risk? Well, you can boost them and turn their way and eventually kill them. Bad news is they can do it, as well! So maybe you might not want to try this one!
So safety players, gather around here! I’ll tell you something. If you do not like playing risky, do not go to the areas in which overpopulated snakes reside.

Coiling as a way out!
Well, coiling is one of the most common tips and you can use it to be a big snake in

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