What would you choose Attack or Protect?

Do you want to upgrade your territory in the game Clash of Clans? Do you want your village to be thriving? You can do it either by collecting resources or by battling against other Clash of Clans players. There is no action in collecting stuff as a farmer but there is lots of fun in being a fighter…

Defense: Protecting Your Territory

If you side with peace and don’t want to attack others, defense is your way. In order to be successful, you need to upgrade your Clash of Clans town hall. After that, if you follow these steps, the success is inevitable: upgrade Mortar, Archer Tower and Cannons. In the game there are two important defensive towers, namely, Archer and Mortar. As they are so important, they should be close enough to the middle of your village. Also you need to protect them with other defensive structures and buildings. When you are finished with upgrading these buildings completely, you can begin forming your own resource giving buildings.


  1. You need your elixir gatherers and mines inside the Walls and they all should be in one! This will help you protect your cards from being picked up by other players’ Goblins in a few seconds who visit your land. If you don’t protect these, the players can destroy almost half of your village. They should be inside the walls placed near Archer and Cannons.
  2. Well, defense take time! So don’t rush anything. The Clash of Clans players having high levels don’t get as much resources as they need from the lower levels. So in your defense, you need powerful towers!

Offense: Attack Time!

Well, let’s the Tyson in you! If you like attacking, you also have to upgrade town hall and your elixir gatherers. That way you can easily collect resources which will be helpful in the next steps. As an offensive player, you’ll need barracks and camps. Don’t hesitate to upgrade them. When you are done with this step, the most important thing is to build your army. Feel free to place them outside of the Walls because other players can’t get any resources from them. After that, you have to bear in mind that every offense needs some defense! So upgrade your walls and defensive structure to protect from other players. What develops your offensive powers is to make new spells in your Laboratory.


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