Invisible Ninja Skin for Slither

Slither has become one of the most popular games recently. The progress of the game makes the players enjoy the game as if it was the first of the game. Here you can find explanations for Invisible Ninja Skin mod of the game.

Don’t believe what people speculate about Ninja skin. They it is invisible but this is not true. The skins in the game are made to make game more fun once you customize your snake; however, the skin know as invisible ninja skin on the internet is not what you think. You can see many Youtubers uploading videos about it. Just don’t believe them.

The ones who believe these Youtube videos unlock the ninja skin and to their surprise, they are disappointed by the result. Think about it! Where is the fun and excitement if you are invisible? So the developers of do not support such skins. Also if everybody got a ninja skin, eventually all the snakes would collide because no one will see each other.

As I mentioned above, there is no fun in such things! But you can still enjoy the game there are features like zooming in and out, changing your skin, saving your nickname.


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