Important Slither Tips

This text is about further tips and tricks about As we know the object of the game is to become bigger and longer by eating up the opponents and colored dots. The people playing this game range from small children to the adults. So it is an enjoyable game for every age. If you want to grow the biggest snake in the game, follow these steps:

  1. As this is a multiplayer online game, first you need to find a nickname to play with.
  2. At the beginning you are small snake and on your map there are colored dots (orbs) for you to eat up and grow. Try avoiding hitting the snakes around you. If not, you’re done.
  3. On your computer you can direct your snake with your mouse. In order to dash, you need to click and hold down your left finger. This has a disadvantage, that is, your snake will get a little bit smaller. So do not dash if there is no need for that.
  4. When you are small, just eat the leftovers of the other snakes; but once you’re a bigger snake, you can trick smaller snakes into your circle and surround them. Once they are surrounded they’ll have no choice but run into you which will let you eat up the colored dots left from them.
  5. When you start playing and it is very crowded, try to avoid being in the center of the map. Grow in a calm side of the map. In case you cannot get to a calm side, just move upright. This will enable you to protect yourself from attackers which will be eliminated. So you can eat up their orbs, too.
  6. Surround the smaller snakes, but not the tiniest ones. Once you surround them, they’ll have to run into you. Ready meal!
  7. One important surrounding tip is that once you see another snake surrounding a smaller one, use this to your advantage and surround both of them. This is the ready meal and a dessert.
  8. If you dash in crowded areas, this means you’ll leave some orbs for others so move as slowly as you can.
  9. When you are too big to die, avoid the center of the game. Stay on the egdes.

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