How to use Cleanup Troops?

In case you cannot finish off all buildings on the ground in Clan Wars (although you remove your whole defensive buildings), this is when you have to have troops! Cleanup Troops are necessary all the time but they are useful when they are needed in attack.

The Reasons of Using Cleanup troops

When you raid, time is very significant in order to make 3 star attacks. On the one hand you need to deal with the hard base; on the other hand you need to deal with time. You must be fast! So that you won’t get 2 stars or even worse 1 star!

Therefore, Cleanups troops are vital. With Cleanup troops, you can obtain a higher percentage and end up with a successful raid.

Tips for Cleanup Troops

  • Your Cleanup Troops shouldn’t have more than 10 housing places! Otherwise, your attacking strategies will collapse.
  • You cannot use Clan troops for cleaning.
  • As soon as an arena is clear, don’t hesitate to drop your Cleanup troops. If you place them later than that, you can ruin your raid.
  • When you attack and the defensive Clan Castle troops of your opponent haven’t died yet, you cannot place your Cleanup troops. They can direct their troops towards your Cleanup troops.
  • When your strategies include ground attack, using 2 Wizards and 2 Archers or Minions is a good idea.
  • In case you don’t attack on the ground but in the air, couples of Minions are coming handy.
  • Make sure that you use them well; otherwise, before you must place them, you need to drop your last Spell.
  • Strategizing the end of the attack is important so you need to determine the places where your troops are gonna be at the end of the attack.
  • You cannot locate your troops before all the defensive buildings are down.
  • Include taking down the defensive buildings at first to your strategy (such as GoHog or Hog Riders) so that you can place your Cleanup Troops as soon as the half of the base is finished.
  • In order to clean up the bases well, use Skeleton Spell.
  • How to use Skeleton Spell for cleaning up. Locate them before the defensive building of your opponent since they lock the way of your main troop. In case you cannot find any ground-targeting defensive building, you can locate them before leftover buildings.

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