How to download Pokémon Go on Android and IOS

The lunch of Pokémon Go in the United Kingdom has attracted a lot of attention and in-app purchases are available £0.79 to £79.99

It’s been a long time since Pokémon fans waited and now it is lunched in the UK. It’s on iOS and Android. Starting from Australia and New Zealand, Pokémon Go has become world-wide.

On July 13th, Pokémon Go appeared in Germany and one day later it appeared in UK. You can download it in more than 30 regions.

Now, the people downloading the game earlier, your enhancement will not be lost if you uninstall the app and reinstall its official version and eventually sing back in.

The list of countries where Pokémon Go is currently available.


Open Play store and download Pokémon Go.

pokemon-go-androidIf you still cannot download Pokémon Go, you can download it from APK Mirror.

What you need to do is to configure your phone to let apps to be installed from third-party sites instead of Play store. Follow these steps: Settings > Security > switch “Unknown sources” option on. When you are finished, you need to go to thePokémon Go APK site. There you’ll select “Download APK”. If there are any pop-ups with a warning message, just press OK. That way, you can download the app.

You need to be cautious! There can be viruses because third party or the unknown apps are not exposed to anti-virus checks. Also we cannot guarantee them, the ones in official Play store are safer. Moreover, Niantic, the developer of the game, is said to ban users using APK mirror. So you need to be cautious. Installing an anti-virus software will be a good step.



Open the Apple app store and download Pokémon Go

pokemon-go-iosIf you are an Apple user and still cannot download the game, the reason might be that Pokémon Go is not available for your region. What you need to do is to swap the region of your App Store account for another region in which Pokémon Go is available. Follow these steps; Settings (on your iPhone, iPad or iPod) > iTunes & App Store > Select your Apple ID. If you are already signed in, you need to sign out and sign in again. If not, Apple may not change your region successfully. When you are signed in, follow these steps; Country/Region > Select the region where Pokémon Go is available. You may need to choose or update a payment method. After all these steps, you can go to App store and write Pokémon Go in the search section. Once you tap “Get”, the game will download. Finally you need to create a new Apple ID in order to log in.

There are more than 30 countries where Pokémon Go is available such as Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK. Just select one of them and enjoy the game.

You can find details about how to swap your country on a Mac on Apple’s official support pages.

In order to do that, Open iTunes > Sign in with your Apple ID > Go to “View My Account” > Click “Change Country or Region”. After these steps, you need to go to “Welcome to the iTunes Store” page and click “Continue”. Finally agree to “the Terms & Conditions” and enter your billing details.

Good side of using Apple, your newly created Apple ID will updated all the necessary country updates for all your Apple devices.

The virtual world of Pokémon Go reaches out to our world, inside which you can capture, train and battle with your different species of Pokémon. You don’t have to pay anything to play Pokémon Go; however, if you want to experience different levels, you can purchase items with PokéCoins. 100 PokéCoins cost £0.79. You can get upgrades and power-ups with in-game coins – PokéCoins.

The users can buy items such as Poké Balls in order to capture a Pokémon, Incense item in order to allure rare Pokémon, “Lucky Eggs” which hatch and give you new Pokémon, and upgrades to be used in both you Pokémon storage and Bag.

Niantic Labs developed Pokémon GO; however, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are also in the partnership. What is different about Pokémon GO is that it uses real world locations; for example, water-type Pokémon can be mostly found around lakes, ponds and seas. Also, there are Gyms to be controlled around your neighborhood.

Pokémon Go is compatible with Android 4.4 and above and iOS 8 or later.

When you install the game, you have to sign in with your Google account; however, you can login through the App, too. In the beginning there is a short tutorial session. There you can customize your character (gender, hair, face, body type and clothes are available). If you get bored with the look of your character, you can always change the appearance. After this, there will be three Pokémon on your screen. Choose one of them! Then you are ready to find more.


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