Clash Royale Arena 8-9

Ice Spirit and Hog Rider can work well together. Ice Spirit is one of the cheapest cards in Clash Royale along with Skeletons. It only costs 1 Elixir so you can use it to freeze multiple targets. With this advantage in your hand, your Hog Rider can reach out to your opponent’s Tower easily and may be you can have a few more shots.

Another good option for this deck is the Poison Spell. With Poison Spell, you can make your opponents and Towers nearby slow down. It creates an opportunity for you to have more shots. In case your Poison Spell is low level, you can always switch it with Fireball. It is also useful in this deck.

Analysis of Cards

Hog Rider: As one of the most favorable troops in the game, this will help you be the winner. Occasionally, you can attract enemies and keep them from hitting your Tower with Hog Rider. For instance, you can always let your Hog Rider behind a Baby Dragon which is sent to hit your Tower. Your Hog will stop the Baby Dragon by attracting it and you’ll be safe from coming hits to your Tower. Bad news about Hog Rider is that it can be easily distracted by the buildings in the center. Read the following to learn how to bypass these defenses.

Ice Spirit: It only costs 1 Elixir but does many things! It is a good help for your Hog while fighting against Minions, Goblins, Skeletons and the last but not the least Barbarians. What it does is to freeze all these for 2 seconds. During that time you can do a few more hits. If you want to be offensive, you can couple Ice Spirit with the Poison. That will help you get the most of Poison. You’ll great a good HP as it can take one hit from Baby Dragon, Barbarian and Musketeer. You can use Ice Spirit to reset the damage or target of Inferno Tower. Also it is useful while resetting Prince’s charge, Sparky’s charge and the target of Royal Giant.

Valkyrie: Who doesn’t want Valkyrie? She provides with a good splash damage and great HP. She is so strong that she can stop average pushes and participates in the counter push with almost full HP. She is good for both defense and attacks. you can place your Hog Rider behind her in the bridge to get her faster to the Tower. Or when she reaches the river, place your Hog Rider beside her and watch them bypass the buildings.

Poison:So what to do with Poison? It is most effective in slowing down the opponents and sucking their HP out of them. Just like Valkyrie, the Poison is useful both for offense and for defense. By using Poison, you can keep your enemies from pushing cheap troops, and this move results in using costly troops and they do not have a positive Elixir trade. Keep calm when your enemies have Minion Horde! Just use Poison. You can use Poison against Lava Pups and Barbarians, too.

Zap – Hail the most valuable player of Clash Royale! So where can we use it! It’s good for many things including resetting Sparky’s charge, Prince’s charge and Inferno Tower’s damage. You can generally couple this card with Hog Rider when you want to have a few more hits. You can compete against Minion Horde with this card. When the Minions are on the bridge, zap them! You can also keep your tower safe by zapping Goblin Barrel and Fire Spirits.

Tesla  is a strong card. Among its feature, there are damaging effects, a great lifetime and great power in dealing with Hog Rider, Baby Dragon, Lava Hound and Balloon. You can use it with Inferno Tower. One special feature of this deck is that it hasn’t got so many air targeting cards so you may not want to use it with Cannon or Bomb Tower.

Elixir Collector should be in every deck in this game. It is useful because your enemy has to attack first, so you can save a great amount of Elixir. Before you use them as potential pushes, you need to do some positive Elixir trade. It provides you with time to defeat your enemies before they can build their defense moves.

Minions: Well, they are functional and also cheap! Your little fellows can compete with many ground units including Balloon, Lavan Hound, Baby Dragon and in some cases Hog Rider. You can hurt your enemies with them in a few seconds. Use them as back-ups placed in the middle and right on the river, so when you need buildings for defense, they will give time to achieve this.

The usage of this deck

Elixir Collector is useful when you use it as placed down in your starting hand. It should be in front of the King’s Tower, if you want to deal with Miner. The greatest idea is that you can couple it with Tesla in order to push the Hog Rider or Baloon or Lava away from your Towers. You can also, place the Minions on the bridge and your Valkyrie behind the King’s Tower.


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