Best Clash Royale Tactics on Tournament

Clash Royale Tournaments enables you to get gold coins and cards in a new way. You can compete against other players in tournament in many challenging arenas. Almost 15,000 cards are waiting for you to collect.

Create Your Own Tournament or Join in Others’

When you get to 8th level, you can unlock Tournament section. You’ll see it among your main page options. Creating a tournament requires spending your gems but participating in tournaments of other players is free.

You’ll determine a name and describe the tournament of your dreams. Also, you can make your fellow players feel VIP by creating a password –this is optional- to limit the number of players. The duration of the tournament is up to you and at the end of it the top players will get their rewards. The duration varies from one hour three days at max. There is duration for preparations, as well ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours! Finally, you can select the Chest reward that you’ll give. However, be aware! If the top prize is too high, you’ll have to spend more and more gems.

Tournament Chest Graph for Players

Chest Reward Max Players Gems
x 30 50 500
x 60 80 1000
x 120 120 2000
x 300 200 5000
x 600 300 10,000
x 1,200 500 20,000
x 3,000 600 50,000
x 6,000 800 100,000
x 15,000 1000 250,000

As mentioned before, you participate in other players’ tournaments for free. This means you can earn the top prize and spend no gems at all in the tournaments hosted by other players. Yet, you may have hard times finding a tournament because players occupy the tournaments really fast. You must keep on looking for tournament to participate in. Don’t lose your patience! You’ll find one to participate.

Tournament Battles

When you find a tournament or create your own, you’ll find your opponents in the pool you’ve all get in. As you start wining, you’ll be given gold and trophies of tournament. The trophies you get are not ordinary arena trophies. You can only get them in the tournaments. Only one player can get the top prize of the tournament and this player will be the one who got the highest number of trophies among the players in the pool. The first runner-up gets the two third of the 1st prize and the second runner-up gets the half of the prize. The bigger the tournament gets, the more the number of top players increase, so do the prizes given.

You can only get the prize after the tournament. You’ll be delivered a Chest in which there are the cards you’ve earned. Your main inventory will not include these chests. You need to open your chest immediately, if you want to create or participate in tournaments. You can get 30 cards with 5 hour tournament chest and 15,000 cards with 14 days. The ones who do not want to wait until the chest opening time can spend their gems to open the chest.

Rules of Tournament

The creators present some set of rules to keep game in a fair position.

  • King Tower is capped at level 9.
  • Common Cards will also be capped at level 9.
  • Rare Cards at level 7. Epic Cards at level 4.
  • High level Legendary Cards as they are only capped at level 1.

So, players who want to compete in tournaments should aim to reach the level cap, that way they can compete evenly against their rivals.

Useful Tips and Tricks for Clash Royales

  • Pay attention to the length of the tournament you participate in. The shortest tournament takes 1 hour and the longest tournament takes 3 days. Always pay attention to your trophies.
  • If you want a fair battle against your opponents, reach your cards at the cap level. If you have low level cards, you may have disadvantage when compared to your opponents.
  • It is a good move to observe your opponents’ battles. That way you can learn many things about their decks and strategies. If your opponent has only one deck, you can build many counter decks and defeat your opponents.
  • You may need to swap decks so having at least two decks will be favorable for you. As long as you keep swapping your cards, you can keep other players from finding out what your strategy is as they can observe your move, too.
  • Having an offensive deck may not help you all the time but a good defense can bring you victory. As you know, the battles are held in a long period and defending your towers with strong decks can keep your opponents from making good moves. Once they make a wrong move, you can attack them.


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