About Pokemon Go

A brand new journey from our world to the world of Pokémon through Pokémon GO available for iPhone and Android devices. Create your own world while exploring with Pokémon GO! Pokémon GO is based on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform and you can look for Pokémon in a wide area because the application uses real locations. There are more than a hundred species of Pokémon, in addition to that, you are allowed to find them in your neighborhood.

The creators of the Pokémon video game series used real-life locations like Hokkaido and Kanto, Japan, New York City and Paris in order to be settings of their games. This time, our very own world is the setting of Pokémon GO!

Now, are you ready to search, find and capture wild Pokémon? You are free to discover the Pokémon in and around your city and even in the world. Try and find as many Pokémon as you can. This is how it works; while you go around, the smartphone will vibrate and this means there is a Pokémon near there. When you see a Pokémon, you need to aim at the Pokémon on your touch screen and throw a Poké ball to capture it. You must be aware of the fact that the Pokémon may run away while you try to catch it! Besides, there are PokéStops which are the attraction centers such as facilities, historical buildings and monuments. In PokéStops you can pick up Poké Balls and other important items.

Customize Your Trainer

At first, you can customize the appearance of your Trainer. There are many different clothes and accessories to create your own style with your Trainer. You’ll see the customized version of your character on the map while moving around. Of course, you have your own profile. In addition, in the Gym under your control, the other players have a chance to visit and see your character.

Adding to Pokédex

There are different levels in Pokémon GO for you to get. As you get to higher levels, you are going to be capable of capturing more powerful Pokémon in order to complete your Pokédex. More powerful items -e.g. Great Balls which allow you to have a more proper shot at capturing Pokémon- are waiting for you in the higher levels. In order to raise your level, all you need to do is to go on searching and finding Pokémon.


This isn’t the only way to add Pokémon to your Pokédex, of course. When you catch the same Pokémon species over and over, you’ll have the chance to evolve one among them. The game also allows you to find Pokémon Eggs at PokéStops. All you need is to walk towards a specific distance and they’ll hatch! There can be a Pokémon of a never-seen-before type.

There are certain places for some wild Pokémon to show up around your neighborhood or around the world. For instance, water-type Pokémon might only show up near ponds and seas. So when you are in a new place, be aware of the Pokémon that you might not see in your city.

When one of your Pokémon evolves, this is good news for capturing a wild one. Imagine that there are many Poliwags in your location, yet you cannot find any Poliwhirl, capture as many Poliwag as you can, so that one of your Poliwag can evolve in to a Poliwhirl!

Team up and Fight

There are three teams in the game and when the time comes, you’ll be asked to join one of them. When you get into a team, you’ll be able to assign your Pokémon to open Gym locations or to a Gym in which a member of your team has assigned a Pokémon. These Gyms are the real locations in the world. The rule is each Trainer can put just one Pokémon into a certain Gym. Therefore, building up a powerful defense is a hard work of a team play.

In case you as an opponent to a Gym lay claim to a Gym, you are able to use your Pokémon to fight the defending Pokémon. There are challenging and enjoyable battles for you. Just decide which Pokémon to bring into play. Two attacks for each Pokémon and you can always avoid an attack by swiping left or right. Moreover, when your Pokémon wins the battle, the Prestige of the Gym that you attack decreases. By the time the Gym Prestige drops to zero, the owner team of the Gym no longer has the control of the Gym. So this is when you or one of your teammates can assign a Pokémon to defend this Gym.

When your team seizes the control of the Gym, as the members of your team, you need to raise the Prestige and level of the Gym by fighting the defending Pokémon. What helps your Pokémon level up is to perform training battles against your team. The higher the Gym gets in level, the more Pokémon you can assign to defend your Gym. In addition, there are others ways to take down stronger Gyms, one of which is “teaming up”.

You can compete in various challenges of several categories. Among them, there are exploring and capturing Pokémon. Once you complete these challenges, there will be achievement medals to unlock in your player profile. Come on and unlock all the medal ahead!!

Pokémon GO Plus

Pokémon GO Plus is a portable device which saves you from effort of looking at your smartphone. Via Bluetooth connection, you can use the device and be informed about the events happening in the game. For example, if there is a Pokémon nearby, there will be LED and vibration. Moreover, by pushing the button on Pokémon GO Plus, you can capture a Pokémon and perform basic tasks. Pokémon GO Plus will be lunched through the end of July 2016.

Free to Play

You can download Pokémon GO without any charge on the App Store and Google Play. Playing Pokémon GO is free and also enjoyable because you can look for a Pokémon in any place. Of course, there are inside app purchases for you, if you want to experience Pokémon GO in another level. There are PokéCoins which you can buy with real money. PokéCoins are the currency inside the virtual world of the game. You can spend your PokéCoins on power-ups, extra items and on other type of enhancements.

Having Fun with Photos

The camera feature is developed to boost your fun! You can turn it on, when you see a Pokémon in the wild and Pokémon will look like as if it is in that landscape. You have your in-game camera in your Bag, and it will help you to take a photo of Pokémon. Your photo is ready to be shared in social networks.

Junichi Masuda’s Tunes

Junichi Masuda, well-known music composer of GAME FREAK, prepared the new music for Pokémon GO. The history of Pokémon games and Masuda dates back to the beginning and he composed many classic songs of Pokémon which have been remembered by every single fan for many years.

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