Important Slither Tips

This text is about further tips and tricks about As we know the object of the game is to become bigger and longer by eating up the opponents and colored dots. The people playing this game range from small children to the adults. So it is an enjoyable game for every age. If you want to grow the biggest snake in the game, follow these steps: As this is a multiplayer online game, first you need to find a […]

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Invisible Ninja Skin for Slither

Slither has become one of the most popular games recently. The progress of the game makes the players enjoy the game as if it was the first of the game. Here you can find explanations for Invisible Ninja Skin mod of the game. Don’t believe what people speculate about Ninja skin. They it is invisible but this is not true. The skins in the game are made to make game more fun once you customize your snake; however, the skin […]

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Here is a userscript for for you to play with friends The installation is very easy if you follow these steps: Step 1: Install userscript, for Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey (depending on your browser). Step 2: Block the original javascript, to prevent having the game run twice, one instance of the original Slither, and one instance of my modified one. You can do this using AdBlock plus. See “Blocking the JS” for help. That’s all you have to do! […]

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Everything You Get From Is Listed Here “Tips, Tricks, Mods And Skins”

The game is simple and guarantees you to enjoy your time. You can find it on the internet and Google Play and Appstore. It basically has the same logic as one of the popular games,, and this is a beginner guide for the ones who want to try it. Follow these instructions and you’ll learn important tips and tricks about Also there will be info about extensions, mods and skins. enables you to be a snake and […]

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You Can be the Best Snake!

Follow these tips and be the best in playing with snakes in The game resembles last year’s favorite; however, is much more fun! You’ll enjoy it as long as you get better. There are two ways to play the game 1) mobile devices a.k.a. mobile phones and tabs, and 2) PC. The game’s spirit is simple. You’re a SNAKE beating and eating other snakes! You can easily get bigger; this requires no skills at all. However, what […]

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